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9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage

9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage by Sheila Wray Gregoire tackled some closely held beliefs that we as women cling to when in actually they are not biblical or healthy to our thought life when it comes to having a strong marriage. The author gives insight and tools to help us replace these negative beliefs with 9 thoughts that could revolutionize our marriages if taken to heart and put into practice.  I specifically liked how I was challenged in each chapter with a thought, action steps and then a summary portion for another opportunity to reflect and meditate on my growth spiritually as it specifically relates to my marriage.

If God Is Good

“If God Is Good” is not a quick read by any means.  It is over 500 pages of information, but I have not a read anything on the topic of suffering that is as thorough.  The best part about the book is that it is an easy read.  Author Randy Alcorn tells story after story and gives great illustrations that will leave the reader stunned.  His points make perfect sense in the way that he communicates them and you find yourself wondering how that easy to understand point alluded you until the moment you read it.
Every pastor, minister, or person who deals with suffering, loss, and/or death needs a copy of this book!  I’ve become a huge Randy Alcorn fan!

Book Review: Greater

I was reading two books with the same theme simultaneously.  “Greater” was easily the better of the two books.  Furtick does a great job of telling stories and weaving the story of Elisha into each chapter as he challenges the reader to live a life that is “greater.”  Furtick also does a great job of writing as if he is having a conversation with the reader which makes the book an easy read.  Highly recommend this book to anyone looking to live a greater life!

10/10/14: (#12) Cedar Hill 45; Duncanville 31

Coach Joey McGuire has the defending state champs and they are loaded.  Last year’s 5A coach of the year (DC) has gone 107-35 in 11 years at Cedar Hill and won two state championships.  DC is predicting Katy vs Cedar Hill III in the state championship game with Katy coming out on top, although the Longhorns are picked to win tonight by 24.  Duncanville has had a pretty exciting season so far.  They have won two games with 4th quarter comebacks and had two more games where they mounted big 4th quarter comebacks, but ran out of time.  Duncanville leads this series 46-22.

Game Summary
This was a rivalry game and it was obvious with how chippy the game was.  The officiating crew wore their arms out throwing flags and still had several blown calls.  Duncanville rotated quarterbacks and both struggled to be accurate.  When they were accurate their receivers dropped the ball.  They combined for a 42% completion rate.  The inconsistancy wasn’t enough to overcome Cedar Hill’s dominate rushing attack (349 yds, 11.6 yds per carry) and defense (8 sacks)


Seeing a nationally ranked recruit live up to his billing (DaMarkus Lodge and Richard Moore)

The Duncanville pressbox has 3 sound effects and they must have used them at least 15 times each.  Less is more!

Players to Watch

CH – WR DaMarkus Lodge
Stat Line: 4-32 yds, 2 TDs, rush 1-67 yds, TD, pass 1-1-0 for 49 yds, TD

CH – LB Richard Moore (committed to Texas A&M)
Stat Line: 7 tackles (2 sacks, TFL)

CH – DB Darrell Miller (committed to Tennessee)
Stat Line: 4 tackles

CH – QB Justin McMillan (commited to LSU)
Stat Line: 12-20-0 for 106 yds, 3 TDs, rush 1-4

CH – RB Ara’Cedric Ware (committed to USC)
Stat Line: 19-204 yds, TD

CH – RB Denvre Daniels
Stat Line: rush 5-42 yds; rec 4-29 yds, TD; PR 1-0 yds, Fum

CH – ATH Jaylon Jackson*
Stat Line: rush 4-32 yds

CH – WR D’Aundrey Bradley
Stat Line: 2-31 yds

CH – G Randy Crystian
Stat Line: Line averaged 11.6 yds per carry and gave up 0 sacks

CH – DE Trevis Gipson
Stat Line: 2. 5 tackles

CH – TE Kobe Idumwonyi

D – LB Za’Carrius Green (committed to Oklahoma State)
Stat Line: 3 tackles (TFL)

D – LB Corey Smith
Stat Line: 3 tackles

D – DT Sami Awad
Stat Line: Tackle

Cedar Hill – WR DaMarkus Lodge
Duncanville – WR Kevin Bell; 7-133 yds

Scoring Summary

First Quarter
CH – 37 yard run by Ara’Cedric Ware (PAT missed)
CH – 49 yard pass from DaMarkus Lodge to Elija Moore (PAT)

Second Quarter
CH – 25 yard field goal by Brooks Ralph
D – 26 yard field goal by Eric Carrasco
CH – 67 yard run by DaMarkus Lodge (PAT)
D – 9 yard pass from Michael Myers to Xavier Brown (PAT)
CH – 27 yard pass from Justin McMillan to Denvre Daniels (2pt pass from Elijah Moore to Justin McMillan)
D – 4 yard pass from Michael Myers to Le’Arious Allen (PAT)

Third Quarter
CH – 13 yard pass from Justin McMillan to DaMarkus Lodge (PAT)
D – 41 yard pass from Trevon McWilliams to Le’Arious Allen (PAT)

Fourth Quarter
CH – 1 yard pass from Justin McMillan to DaMarkus Lodge (PAT)
D – 2 yard run by Stedman Lanigan (PAT)

Brett L
Jay W

October 10, 2014: David’s Seafood Grill

Knowing that we were headed to Duncanville, I texted a friend who had lived there for years and asked for a recommendation.  He told us we had to go to David’s Seafood Grill.  I was expecting a hole in the wall, but we pulled into a strip mall that had all kinds of restaurant franchises and David’s fit into the local area.  The inside of the restaurant was put together so well, I was afraid I had just walked into a $30+ meal.  I was relieved when we looked at the menu and saw that the prices were pretty affordable.  We tried the stuffed fish and a linguini that had chicken and sausage.  Both entrees were fantastic!  I rarely order dessert at a restaurant, but the food was so good, we decided to try the bread pudding and the creme brulee.  Those were out of this world as well!

Texas Tour score: 10/10

9/12/14 – The Woodlands 24; (#2) Katy 7

Katy lost in the state championship game last year after blowing a 24-10 halftime lead to Cedar Hill. DCF is predicting an 8th state championship with a revenge win over Cedar Hill. Tiger coach Gary Joseph is 138-12 and has played in 6 state championships in 10 seasons at Katy.  That has gained him recognition as the Pre-Season Coach of the Year. Katy’s defense had pitched two shutouts in two games this year, but their last regular season loss was to The Woodlands in 2009. The Woodlands finished last year at 10-3 regional semi-finalist, but last year’s starting QB Chris Andritsos quit football to focus on baseball his senior year.

Game Summary
Fast . . . that is the best summary of the game.  The entire first half took only 40 minutes.  Both teams ran the ball, played good defense, and had very few penalties.  The story of the game was turnovers and The Woodlands won that battle 4-1.


Seeing three running backs that are all nationally ranked on the same field was a rare occurance.

Very impressed with the way Katy fans travelled.  It seemed like every car had flags on it and the center of the visitor stands were full thirty minutes before kickoff.  After losing the first regular season game in over five years, the fans were very classy.  Katy fans were some of the best fans I’ve ever seen.

Players to Watch

K – RB Rodney Anderson (committed to Oklahoma)
Stat line: 17-78 yds; pass 0-1-0 for 0 yds

K – RB Kyle Porter*
Stat line: 11-48 yds, Fum; rec 1-3 yds, TD

K – DB Collin Wilder* (committed to Texas Tech)
Stat line: 9 tackles, 2 PD

K – DT Derek Brown (committed to Louisiana Tech)
Stat line:

TW – RB Patrick Carr
Stat line: 16-81 yds, TD

TW – LB Corey Sanders (committed to Army)
Stat line: 4 tackles (TFL)

K – DB Antoine Winfield*
Stat line: 8.5 tackles, 2 PD, Int, FF

The Woodlands – DB Antoine Winfield
Katy – DB Collin Wilder

Scoring Summary

Second Quarter
K – 3 yard pass from Garrett Doiron to Kyle Porter (PAT)
TW – 15 yard pass from Matt Bonaguidi to Hunter Moore (PAT)
TW – 28 yard run by Patrick Carr (PAT)

Fourth Quarter
TW – 23 yard field goal by Nacho Garcia
TW – 4 yard run by Matt Bonaguidi (PAT)

Brett L
Jay W