November 23, 2013 – Chin San Chinese Restaurant

We used the restaurant locator on the GPS and chose a restaurant called “Texas Heat.”  That sounded like an interesting restaurant and if you agree, you can still take that name.  Texas Heat ended up being some sort of air conditioning and heating business.  The next closest place was Chin San Chinese Restaurant.  It definitely had the “hole in the wall” feel that we love on the Texas Tour.  When we walked in, there were several people dining and several people waiting on “to go” orders.  We should have known we’d have problems when our waitress didn’t speak English.  We ended up with three mistakes on our two person order.  That wouldn’t have been so bad if the food had been good.  We might have found rock bottom on this trip.  Soups were cold, egg rolls tasted like the kind you get frozen from the grocery store, and the entrees were pretty bad as well.

Texas Tour Score: 3.25/10


One thought on “November 23, 2013 – Chin San Chinese Restaurant

  1. That was really bad experiencea you have with Chin San Chinese Restaurant. Anyhow. you are correct if only the person gave delicious meal you wouldnt mind the languange barrier.

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