September 12, 2014 – Saltwater House Seafood and Grille

Two lane roads and people driving 15 miles under the speed limit caused us to have to find a quick place to eat.  We pulled into Saltwater House Seafood and Grille and were told that they could get us in and out quickly if we ordered fried food instead of grilled food . . . and they accomplished the promise.  The coconut shrimp and the tilapia were fairly bland, but maybe that’s what you get when you dip it in batter and cook it in oil.  The menu was a bit pricey as well.  The service was outstanding while we were there, but was terrible after leaving.  I’ve been told three times that a manager would call me back about something I left behind and I’m still waiting.

Texas Tour score: Incomplete – Not being able to choose off the menu shouldn’t penalize the restaurant


August 29, 2014 – Grumps

After driving by this hamburger joint multiple times, we finally stopped.  The place had a good feel and you could tell it would make a great hangout for the Tarleton State locals.  We all ordered burgers since the sign driving up said that they were the best burgers in town.  I hope that isn’t the case because no one in our party was that impressed.  The root beer float was good, but it was just a couple of scoops of ice cream in the styrofoam cup and then you put your own root beer in at the soda machine

Texas Tour score: 3.5/10

November 23, 2013 – Chin San Chinese Restaurant

We used the restaurant locator on the GPS and chose a restaurant called “Texas Heat.”  That sounded like an interesting restaurant and if you agree, you can still take that name.  Texas Heat ended up being some sort of air conditioning and heating business.  The next closest place was Chin San Chinese Restaurant.  It definitely had the “hole in the wall” feel that we love on the Texas Tour.  When we walked in, there were several people dining and several people waiting on “to go” orders.  We should have known we’d have problems when our waitress didn’t speak English.  We ended up with three mistakes on our two person order.  That wouldn’t have been so bad if the food had been good.  We might have found rock bottom on this trip.  Soups were cold, egg rolls tasted like the kind you get frozen from the grocery store, and the entrees were pretty bad as well.

Texas Tour Score: 3.25/10

October 25, 2013 – Morelias Mexican Grill

We found this gem in the shopping center right across the street from the stadium.  We got in and served very quick on a Friday night which was exceptional service.  They brought two kinds of salsa for the chips.  Neither salsa was something to remember, but it wasn’t bad.  The menu was loaded.  As a fajita man, I was struggling trying to decide between about eight different types of fajitas.  I went online to see if it was listed, but they only had a portion of their fajitas listed.  Mine had mushrooms, onions, peppers, and a special sauce . . . but what made it amazing was the sun-dried tomatoes!  Great food, great service, and great prices!

Texas Tour Score: 8.8/10

October 18, 2013 – Studebaker’s Homestyle Diner

We had never heard of Studebaker’s and this is right in our backyard.  When the Brooklyn Pie Company moved out, this homestyle restaurant moved in.  The hours of operation are very limited so check before you show up.  There is a unique dinner menu each night that goes along with a standard sandwich menu.  I had the chicken sandwich and it was okay, but the rest of our party raved about their meals.  I’m not a pot roast fan at all, but had a bite of it and it might have changed my feelings towards pot roast!  Prices aren’t bad either.

Texas Tour Score: 7.9/10

October 11, 2013 – Choo Choo Moving Sushi Bar

top_07Driving through Spring, Texas on the way to the game we passed by Choo Choo Moving Sushi Bar.  We turned around to check it out and are we glad we did.  This restaurant is a very unique concept.  You can sit at a table and order off a menu or you can sit at bar stools.  The bar wraps around the restaurant and it isn’t just on the outside walls.  There is bar top seating everywhere.  When you sit at the bar there is a moving track that brings sushi past you.  Each plate of sushi has between two to four pieces on the plate and each plate has a different colored ring around it.  The color of the ring corresponds to the price of that plate of sushi.  The plate range from $2.00 – $4.50 a plate.  That sounds economical, but once you do the math it is about the same as any other average sushi place (per piece).  The benefit is you can try a lot of different kinds of sushi.  The only complaint we had was that the track that the sushi rolls to you on is not cooled so the sushi temds to be room temperature.

Texas Tour score: 7.0/10

October 4, 2013 – Bangkok Cuisine

Since we were in San Antonio, we weren’t going to use Urban Spoon (we didn’t know what the area of town we were going to be in was called) and we were running behind so we had to find something along the way.  We were ready to settle for fast food if necessary.  When we got a few miles from the stadium we looked at food options on the GPS and saw the first restaurant was Bangkok Cuisine.  As we were pulling in we saw that it was voted “Best Thai Food in San Antonio” by a newspaper.  I’ve only had Thai food once, but we decided to give it a try.  I assumed there would be your typical Asian fare, but I didn’t recognize anything on the menu.  I ordered something hot with chicken and prayed for the best.

The service at the restaurant was fabulous.  We let them know we were trying to get to a football game and our food was out within minutes.  The only thing better than the service was the food itself.  I’d love to tell you what I had, but it wasn’t in English.  Regardless, I fell in love with Thai food I think

Texas Tour score: 8.7/10

September 20, 2013 – San Pedro Limon

SanPedroLimon113_GTSan Pedro Limon is a little taqueria in a pretty prominent part of town, but we never hear anyone talking about it.  That sounded like the perfect place for a Texas Tour stop.  A lot of places we end up at seem to be Tex-Mex, but this wasn’t one.  San Pedro Limon is a much more authentic Mexican food restaurant.  You can try something you’ve never had, like beef tongue or several Spanish words I couldn’t identify, but I stuck with the tacos.  As a fajita connoisseur, I went with chicken fajita, steak fajita, and a pork taco.  They just come with the meet and the tortilla.  Mine were good enough that I’d go back again.  I also tried a bite of the chicken enchiladas.  They came with a half pound of lettuce on top (which wasn’t my style), but the enchilada itself was even better than my tacos!

Texas Tour score: 5.8/10

September 13, 2013 – Fuzzy’s Tacos

With a game in Denton, we were planning on eating at Rooster’s after watching it on The Daytripper.  As soon as we crossed I-30 heading north, traffic slowed to a crawl.  By the time we arrived at Rooster’s we were not going to have enough time to dine there without being late for the game.  We decided to go to Fuzzy’s Tacos.  Our goal is to try to avoid franchises and to eat a local establishments, but we were in a hurry and there isn’t a Fuzzy’s in our town.

I ordered three different tacos so I could get serveral different experiences.  I had a chicken taco, a pork taco, and a shrimp taco.  I wasn’t overwhelmed.  One of the signatures is the Feta cheese, but it takes away from the taste of the meat.  The portions are also pretty small.

Texas Tour score: 4.7/10

September 6, 2013 – Blue Mesa Grill

blue-mesa-arlingtonWe made a list of a couple of restaurants around the stadium (according to Google Maps) and sent them to some people who live in the Metroplex.  All of our ideas were shot down and they suggested Blue Mesa Grill.  Most of us had never heard of Blue Mesa, but it was fantastic.  It isn’t your typical Tex-Mex place.  They describe themselves as “handmade and heartfelt Southwestern cuisine.”  The chips and salsa told us that we were going ot have a great experience.  The waiters brought two kinds of salsa (both phenomenal) and a basket of chips.  The chips were tradional tortilla chips (some blue corn) and sweet potato chips.

As a fajita connoisseur, I had to go that route.  The meat had good flavor, but the sides included something that I couldn’t describe and I didn’t get the name . . . but whatever it was it gave the fajitas a sweet taste to it.  The menu was a little pricey, but the food and experience were great.

Texas Tour score: 8.0/10